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Our dog-friendly PAWTIO™ is OPEN!

Our dog-friendly PAWTIO™ is OPEN.   Our Dog Menu is available in-house, to-go, and for delivery.

Featuring our famous dog menu for our furry friends!
Minneapolis’ ONLY three-course menu for dogs. Treat your Best Friend, Treat yourself.  Through the winter months, our heated tented PAW-TIO will always be open as long as our heaters can handle.  If the temp is below zero, please call. 

Stanley's Canine Cuisine

Home of Minneapolis ONLY three-course menu for dogs!

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"Yappy Hour"

Yappy Hour Daily: 3p-6p $1 off all entrees.
Fresh Water is Always Complimentary!
All Pups will receive a complimentary Peanut Butter Woofer!

Patio Rules for Pups

1. Dogs must be on their leash at all times. (No retractable leashes please). 

2. Dogs must be accompanied by owner at all times. 

3. Please do not place your dog (even small pups) on the table, or on a chair. “Health code.” 

4. Your furry family members cannot eat of your plate, or drink from your glass. We have special dishes just for them. 

5. We want your best friends to be as comfy as possible. Please help yourself to a Yoga Mat if you think your pal would like to sit or lay on one. 

6. Puppy Restrooms are located in any surrounding grassy area that is outside the patio. There is a Poo-Can by the patio entrance for disposal. 

7. Excessive barking and bothersome behaviors are not permitted. 

8. In the event your dog has an accident, please notify staff immediately so we can help you clean it up properly. 

9. Please excuse our staff if we go a little nutso over your pooch. WE JUST CAN’T HELP OURSELVES!!!! 

10.  Only one pup per human on the Pawtio®.

Craft & Crew has a zero-tolerance aggression policy. We reserve the right to ask you to remove your dog at any time for any reason.